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3/27/08 - MpgGenie was referenced on The blog was about comparing hybrid vehicles to traditional cars. Just because a vehicle says its a "hybrid", that doesn't mean it is fuel efficient! MpgGenie on mentioned on the LA Times Blog

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3/21/08 - MpgGenie was referenced on the Los Angeles Times Blog. The blog was about the high cost of commuting to work in LA. MpgGenie on LA Times Blog. featured on

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3/6/08 - MpgGenie was referenced on The blog compares a SUV to a compact car and the commuting cost difference between the two vehicles. MpgGenie on featured on

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2/10/08 - Thanks to John and Xavier for getting on AutoblogGreen! AutoblogGreen is a very active blog that concentrates on environmental friendly vehichles and transportation. For the latest news on environmental friendly green vehicles, check out featured and reviewed on RIApedia


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