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Commuting Costs - Gas Mileage Ratings

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The cost of commuting to work has increased significantly over the past few years. You may be considering purchasing a new fuel efficient smart car, electric, hybrid electric or clean diesel vehicle to offset the high fuel prices. During that process some questions often arise.

How much will my commute to work cost when gas reaches $5 a gallon?

How much will the savings in fuel costs offset the cost of a new car or truck?

What car gets the best gas mileage?

This interactive Adobe Flex online tool allows you to compare new car, suv and truck mpg ratings and see the savings of driving a more efficient vehicle like a smart car, electric, hybrid-electric or clean diesel. Using this information you can make a more informed decision on your next vehicle to purchase.

Fuel efficient vehicle commuting savings - Toyota Prius Hybrid-Electric car

How high do fuel prices have to get before it is more economical to purchase a new vehicle instead of pouring money into an old gas guzzler?

For example if you drive 50 miles/day 5 days a week commuting to work and drive a Dodge Durango(4.7l) and gas is $4/gallon you would spend around $5,000/year in gas just commuting to work. If you were to drive a Toyota Prius it would cost you around $1,000/year in gas. That's a savings of $4,000 a year in fuel costs to commute to work alone! You would be saving $333/month that could be put towards the monthly payments on that new Toyota Prius. Add in driving around town and the savings is obviously even more.
(This is a rough estimate based on current EPA gas mileage ratings)

Hybrid Gas Mileage

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